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Retirement planning is an important process to undertake and most experts advise people to begin setting aside retirement savings as soon as they can. To help navigate your path to a comfortable retirement, provides you with a free comparison tool to compare IRA brokers and rollover your money to an IRA. This is complete with reviews based on our research and industry expertise. The opinions expressed are our own. To offer this free service, we may receive advertising profits from companies we feature here. 

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Be Ready For Retirement: Start Planning Your Future Now

The amount each person needs to retire comfortably varies, of course, but making a retirement plan give you, whether you're single or married, the necessary tools to help develop a framework for saving. While a simple savings account from your bank may be a useful option in the short term, it is always best to explore saving resources such as Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) which can protect assets, savings, and investments for the retirement period.

Age Considerations and Determining the Plan

Like everything else under the sun, retirement planning is about money. Creating a retirement plan can be as simple as determining a goal--the money that must be in the bank (in one form or another) at the time of retirement. One resource you may find useful is a retirement planning calculator that can help you plug in some definite numbers to your plan. If you are working with a firm, you might find a useful worksheet that can also help you devise your retirement plan.

The earlier you begin setting aside money, the less you typically have to save every year in order to reach that financial goal. If you wait until mid-life, for example, you may have to save more expediently and in larger sums to reach the goal you have in mind. If you save considerably while young, you may even find you can retire earlier than previously thought.

Bolster Your Retirement with an IRA

An IRA is ideal for retirement savings because one can think of it like a basket that holds stocks, bonds, savings, and investments that are associated with your retirement plan. As such, these assets will remain protected in the IRA account so long as you leave them alone until retirement age. There are various types of IRAs, of course, that have different merits and criteria. An IRA comparison site or your investment firm can discuss the different types of IRAs and help you select one that is ideal for you. Moreover, since IRAs can help you grow your savings faster than other resources and they carry many tax breaks with them, they are the perfect place to set aside your retirement savings.

Below are some of the financial vehicles to consider for augmenting the return on your savings.

Traditional IRA Accounts
This vehicle is a tax-deferred retirement savings account. Participants do not pay taxes when they contribute to it, as it is tax deferred. In other words, capital gains, interest payments and dividends are compounded each year without being hampered by tax responsibilities and fees. On the other hand, should you withdraw your money before the predetermined date, you will incur certain tax liabilities.

Rollover IRAs
A Rollover IRA is similar to a Traditional IRA. It is often used by individuals who have changed jobs or retired and are interested in maintain the assets accumulated in an employer-sponsored retirement plan, such as a 401(k). Additionally, a Rollover IRA can simply meaning transferring one IRA from a broker to another.

Roth IRAs
A tax free growth of money for your retirement savings is possible in a Roth IRA. This plan enables you to save money into an account you have paid taxes on already, whereby you benefit from growth free of more tax implications. Moreover, when you withdraw your money at your retirement, you pay no taxes.

A Simplified Employee Pension (SEP IRA) is a traditional IRA vehicle. It address the needs of small business owners as well as self-employed individuals. A SEP IRA account can be opened by any business owner with at least one employee, or anyone who earns freelance income. Contributions, which are tax-deductible for the individual or business, go directly into the savings account.

A SIMPLE IRA is also known as Incentive Match Plan for Employees. It also is a traditional type of IRA. It is most suitable for self-employed and small business owners. Comparable to other traditional Individual Retirement Accounts, holders benefit from a tax free investment approach. However, tax liabilities are incurred when funds are withdrawn from your account upon maturation.

This form of retirement account is provided by formal employers. Typically, with a 401(k) plan, participants select from cash, bond and/or equity funds to allocate their funds. Each dollar contributed is traditionally matched by their employer to bolster their potential long-term returns for their retirement.

Roth 401k
Additionally, there is a Roth 401k that is an employer-sponsored savings account funded with after-tax money. After reaching the age of 59.5, an investor is able to withdraw tax-free. Unlike the Roth IRA, there are no income limitations. The Roth 401k is best suited for individuals who think they will be in a higher tax bracket, in retirement, than they are now.

Expert Advice

For many individuals, retirement planning can seem complex. For this reason, it may be advisable to talk to a firm that specializes in retirement planning or to locate an online resource that can walk you through the facets of each retirement planning tool and explain the benefits or limitations associated with various IRAs. Retirement planning is incredibly important so working with experts on the topic can be a vital part of your overall plan as you work to achieve that long-term financial goal.

The time to begin thinking about retirement is as soon as possible. Once you make the plan, you can simply follow the outlined course all the way to retirement age. Remember to research all aspects of each IRA and to seek expert advice when needed. Someday, you'll be thankful that you began your retirement savings plan right now.

If you feel ready to start planning for your retirement, we offer a variety of companies to help you open an ira account of your choosing.